Letter: Feeling helpless

Editor of the Reformer,

Becca Balint's opinion piece ("Will we reject the moral rot?" Nov. 25) echoed the thoughts of all the rational, caring humans I know. There are two problems with her plea that we not let this latest Trump crime go unpunished.

First, there are still a great many Americans who feel the way Trump does and are willing to support him although he is clearly mentally deranged. The second is that Balint offers no suggestions for what to do with our anger and helplessness in the face of this so-called leader who has more power than anyone besides Putin. Demonstrations, marches, letters, have no effect. No one with a family, job, or other responsibilities can camp out on Pennsylvania Ave. or the steps of the Capitol in protest. Mueller is perhaps our last hope and there will be legal battles that last forever (likely followed by pardons) no matter what his final report shows.

Shaking our heads in disbelief won't help, so, Becca, what do we DO!?

Judith Petry

Westminster, Nov. 28


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