Letter: Follow the money

Editor of the Reformer:

Is the current flood of coverage of sexual harassment and assault buyer's remorse? Has the media now realized how badly they dropped the ball after Access Hollywood, allowing economicsto scare the messenger? No one believed the women then. Now look where that got us.

Or is there another agenda? Is the coverage of this issue the bump and grab of the pick pocket? The tax cut is the second story when it should be the first. While we worry about Matt Lauer, the Republicans are setting up a situation that in a year or two will create such a deficit Social Security and Medicare will be on the block. Citizens United made corporations people. This tax cut will revise the premise of our government to by the corporations; for the corporations.

Who are the Congress and media really working for?

Reality Check: The tax will cut the corporate tax rate from 35 percent to 20 percent. How many corporations pay 20 percent now? Not many; the average rate they pay now is 18 percent. After the tax cut will it be 8 percent?

Dean Lynch,

Westminster West, Nov. 30


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