Letter: Glad to be back in Brattleboro

Editor of the Reformer:

Usually the one who can find a fault first, I am writing to say there was none to find with the 911-ers who rushed me to my recent two-day emergency stay at Brattleboro Memorial. Obviously not just professionally and very highly skilled, but also as supporting and as caring as really good, close and caring neighbors - which in this small town, they actually are! Extolling the virtues of what felt like my long-time friends in the ER - then once admitted, my attending doctor and every nurse and everyone from the various attending departments - especially Respiratory, treated me as though I was in a building with my name on it! And to top it all off, it was hard to believe not just how good "the hospital food" was, but how totally catered-to the kitchen staff made me feel. After 35 years of living in several other zips, I have just moved back to Brattleboro within this year - and am damn glad I did!

S. N. Meyers

Brattleboro, May 13


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