Letter: Greenwood co-founders need help

Editor of the Reformer:

Tom and Andrea Scheidler, the co-founders of the beloved Greenwood School are in financial ruin. This is due to several factors, but primarily, it stems from the medical costs incurred to treat both Tom's cancer and his prolonged battle with Parkinson's Disease.

To the board members of a school with the lofty goals of "maximizing potential, awakening talents and transforming" the lives of its students, I beseech you to reach out to Tom and Andrea. A reasonable, well-deserved retirement pension for Andrea would give these remarkable and dedicated educators the financial stability they desperately need. You are not responsible for any previous board's mistakes and/or misunderstandings, but you now hold Tom and Andrea's future in your hands.

To have recently hired a Head of School such as Caryl Frankenberger, whom I know well and whose integrity and educational leadership is beyond reproach. I believe you are just the people needed to set this issue right. The many letters and appeals you have received from former board members, a former director, former faculty, alumni and parents of alumni, pleading for you to take action on Tom and Andrea's behalf are expressions of the devotion we all feel toward Greenwood's ideals. Even more importantly, it also displays our gratitude to its two courageous, pioneering co-founders.

If it would facilitate the process of securing a pension for Andrea, please consider using me as a respectful and open-minded go-between. As this is a time of crisis for Tom and Andrea, I look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.

Kristianna Martindale

Teacher/Faculty Chairwoman, 1978-1983, The Greenwood School, Oct. 20


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