Letter: Gun legislation can be tweaked


Editor of the Reformer,

Members of the Legislature: I'm writing to you in regards to the upcoming gun legislation that you will be voting on in the House.

As your voter in Highgate, I would like to see an amendment to this bill that would exempt a waiting period for anyone who currently possesses a firearm.

From my understanding, the bill is intended to protect one's self from suicide by creating a cooling off period if they are mentally distraught — but this rationale falls dead on its feet for anyone who already possesses a firearm that could use it for that purpose.

What I'm proposing is a clause letting FFLs (aka licensed firearm sellers) sell a firearm to someone who can prove they currently possess a firearm.

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This is not hard to do and could be left up to the FFL to enforce. Those FFLs already have to enforce rules on gun purchases and can't just take people's word for it, so adding this provision wouldn't be a hassle.

I would also like to see an amendment that would start the 24-hour clock from the time the background check is submitted, not from the time the background check is approved. For some who have similar names to convicted felons, the Federal government already puts a 72-hour hold on gun purchases. Adding another 24 hours wouldn't accomplish anything.

I don't agree with the premise of this bill, but I believe through the legislative process it can be improved to the point that everyone can feel okay with it.

Bradley Alster

Highgate, May 15


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