Letter: Have the victims become the victimizers?

Editor of the Reformer

I read Mr Martin Cohn's Facts about Israel Palestine carefully.

Please consider the following points:

Lord Balfour's letter of Nov 2, 1917 called the area Palestine! Even the Imperial British Raj knew what they were doing! They conquered and carved nations and gave land at will. Read Balfour's whole set of letters.

Has Mr. Cohn read the history from other points of view? Read, among others, Ilan Pappe, Uri Davis, Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, among many others, writers and activists.

Who wrote the histories? Are we reading the dominant narrative of the conquerors or the conquered? The slave's or the master's? Of the man or the woman? The Colonized or the Colonizer? From whom will the truthful reality come: the Fascist Reich or Anne Frank and others who were horrifically killed in the Holocaust?

Is it possible that in this case, as in other cases, the victims of the Nazis have become the victimizers?

But so many born within the Domain of the Israeli State, and as citizens, have written and acted against the terrible policies and activities of their State and have paid a price for their resistance.

Being critical of the State of Israel is not anti-Semitic. Such a label simply covers up the inaccuracies in the article. Most important, the label used about any criticism against Israel attempts to bludgeon critical thinking.

We want to build on the best of human experience and oppose the worst of human actions: Gaza is one such example now, and we must oppose such a catastrophe.

Janaki Natarajan

Westminster West, May 6


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