Letter: Health care is a human right

Editor of the Reformer:

I am an immigrant, student, minimum wage working, person of color under the age of 35 and I am part of the LGBTQ community. The majority of my life in the U.S., I have been unintentionally ignorant to what health care I should or could receive, and have struggled to find services even for a simple physical. The entire idea of attaining healthcare has appeared so out of reach that it seemed to be something that I could ignore, and learn to do without.

In many communities of color and immigrant households, the goal of achieving proper healthcare has been shunned as unattainable, which indoctrinates people into a generational culture of not seeking professional attention in physical, mental or sexual health. It's truly traumatic to think what this level of inaccessibility to good or quality healthcare has done to communities coast to coast.

We all need to get drivers licenses, for the safety of everyone else, but the idea of everyone receiving proper healthcare, to sustain the ultimate health of our communities, industries and nation as a whole, is an afterthought or ranked as too complex to solve.

Human beings are very complex. If our country is going to abandon dealing with complexities in healthcare, we may as well practice equality and give up on everyone equally, regardless of background and income level. Instead, the powers-that-be manipulate societal standards, and impose a caste system that tolerates people being filed into "appropriate" second or third-class rankings.

I believe that the national mantra of United We Stand requires having the health to actually stand equally. The best health solutions of our nation should be available to everyone, not just to the "haves" and people of financial means. That is why I support the full funding and implementation of Vermont's universal healthcare law, Act 48.

Healthcare is an absolute necessity to life. Why would we sell ourselves short on something that sacred? For information about the Healthcare is a Human Right Campaign: www.workerscenter.org.

Andy Nandramsingh,

Brattleboro, Nov. 17


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