Letter: Helping paper factory workers


Editor of the Reformer:

The 100 or so union workers at a paper factory in Brattleboro are trying to save their jobs. The Georgia-based company that owns the factory is trying to fire them all. "We're working with other paper companies whose workers we represent to help one of them buy the Brattleboro factory," John Shinn told ValleyPost.org on November 1. He's a top leader at the Steelworkers Union, which has a web site at: www.usw.org/districts/4/contact

"If that doesn't work, we're open to helping the workers buy the factory and keep on running it themselves. We're in touch with Mondragon," Shinn said.

The Mondragon cooperatives in Spain have more than 67,000 worker-owners, about half of whom work in factories. The workers elect the bosses. They have a web site at: www.mondragon-corporation.com/en/

Brattleboro Town Manager Peter Elwell and Don Jamison, who runs the Vermont Employee Ownership Center, told the Valley Post they want to help the workers in this endeavor.

Eesha Williams

Dummerston, Nov. 1



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