Letter: Hermitage Club gift cards for sale!

Editor of the Reformer:

Each Christmas my wife and I send two of our children for a "weekend get-a-way" as a respite from their 7, 6, 4 and 3 year old children. We present them with a gift card from a resort chosen; Christmas 2017 was no different. On Dec. 1, I made my way from Connecticut to the Hermitage Club, what a surprise to see "The Bachelor" television crew unloading their equipment for the filming of an upcoming "Bachelor" program!

A few days later my wife accompanied me to see the beauty of The Hermitage properties and we subsequently decided to purchase two $800 gift cards.

Our son and his wife booked the first weekend of April 2-18 for their Hermitage get-a-way. On or about March 22, I was in the Wilmington area to meet some clients of mine and was amazed at the snowfall received the previous three weeks. It was upwards of 40 inches!

March 29, my son received an e-mail from The Hermitage Club canceling their reservation - reason given - "mud season"! Seemed a bit odd to me, considering I was in the Wilmington area on March 22 and was amazed at the 40 inches of snowfall received the previous three weeks.

Within a few days, we found out the real reason those reservations were canceled - The Hermitage had been shut down for non-payment of taxes!

I contacted Chad Bullock, director of finance, with Hermitage, and he reassured me (via e-mail on March 29) the gift cards never expire and once The Hermitage reopened in mid-May, they could be used.

As I read article after article in the Reformer about the horrible financial mess this place is in and how Hermitage owner, Jim Barnes, or his attorneys don't show up for court appearances; and for cases involving much more money than my $1,600 of gift cards; how might I, or any other person(s) holding a gift card be made a whole?

Is there anyone, who also, has fallen victim to having "valueless" Hermitage gift cards? Now is the time to speak up so we may collectively take action against The Hermitage.

Curt Klose

Suffield, Conn., July 9


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