Letter: Hey Boomer!


Editor of the Reformer,

Drove down to NYC yesterday. On 684 South about 3 miles north of Westchester Airport doing 75 when a 10 point buck crosses the northbound lanes, jumps the double metal rail divider and crosses behind me safely to the other side.

Why did the deer cross the road?

Have no idea, but it sent my heart racing: life is happenstance. Having the movie in my head is a wonderful gift for me and life for him.

Can't get use to the name change: Gov. Mario Cuomo Bridge — BULL. Will always be to me the Tappan Zee. Which brings me to my current pet peeve. When did the American Press decide we need a new royalty class? Seem to recall people were ex-Senator, ex-Congressman, ex-Ambassador, ex-President. Now it appears they have the titles for life. Maybe it goes with the ridiculous pensions and other privilege they get and other citizens don't. Explain it to me like I am a 4-year-old: where else do the employees have more benefits that the employers? Have we passed through the looking glass when a CEO is fired for breaking a company policy and gets a $42 million severance package? That's a lot of Big Macs. Meanwhile, a store manager who worked 12 years who doesn't meet his monthly quota is fired and doesn't even get an Egg McMuffin. Rules for the rich and rules for the rest of us. Let's not even start with the issues of race, sex and privilege.

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When my life seemed unbearable with twists of fate I recall saying to myself, "Lucky, I could be a 17-year-old black kid in Detroit." It could be Ferguson or Tallahassee or almost anywhere in America. Some escape the failed educational system and inherited poverty of the original sin just as that buck made it across 684. Too often the tragedy of those who don't make it are ignored along the highway of the American Dream Gone Wrong. Life is happenstance but ...

The Biggest Lie: EQUAL JUSTICE UNDER LAW is too often a wall too high and wide to cross.

Time for my generation, the Baby Boomers, to vote for the America we dreamed of in the 1960s and get out of the way, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Donald J. Trump: I rest my case.

Hey Boomer, get with it.

Dean Lynch

Westminster West, Nov. 10


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