Letter: How does one profit from a tattered dollar bill?


Editor of the Reformer,

You can put lipstick on it, but a pig's still a pig. I'm not casting aspersions on individuals, agencies nor municipalities- just coming to grips with this pig's label. It appears the ACLU will not impugn Brattleboro's positive work when addressing our `pig' crisis but would prefer to call it panhandling as opposed to the archaic idea of begging. No matter how you slice it, the labels don't stick. I handed a tattered dollar bill to a panhandler/beggar/ individual the other day and asked how she'd use the money. She said it would go toward getting a room for the night and added it would be safer than sleeping in 'the gazebo.' This woman, who'd come south from Springfield then rolled up her sleeves and assured me she was clean. The track marks on her arms were healed yet visible (witnessing these marks is a first for me). There's not much difference between helpless and hapless. Perhaps it's in the eye of the beholder. How does one profit from a tattered dollar bill? Anyway, next time I'll share the 211 number as well.

Thanks BPD for all you do.

MF Morissette

Vernon, Aug. 31



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