Letter: Impeach Trump!

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Editor of the Reformer,

I am writing this because I cannot sit by believing what we as a nation are doing and not doing in this (once) great nation!

We are a (as a nation) laughing stock of the whole world. Hell, North Korea is liked more than we are! I mean, c'mon, our President "Dictator Don" is a racist pig, a liar and Russian lovin' cheater! He separates thousands of families, takes children from their parents, deports their parents and throws these children in cages. Picture that when you put your own children to bed tonight.

What really gets me, and I cannot believe that this guy (terror in charge, lying racist, king of the sty, Trump) is even going to try to get re-elected!

What I can't wrap my head around is when are the Democrats going to get a backbone (or balls, if they are men) and impeach this evil son-of-a-bi**h! Re-election, really?!

I've said it before when I wrote in this paper, and I will write it again. We got rid of a very much smarter and a lot more true to American values than the American people "for a damn stain on a dress"! Come on people, let's do the right thing. Vote to impeach this loser, and his whole merry band of Republican thieves and liars and any Democratic fool who follows this Pied Piper of Yore.

For the last time, IMPEACHMENT and jail is the right thing to do!

Marty Bittner

Brattleboro, Aug. 6



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