Letter: In Support of Christine Hallquist


Editor of the Reformer,

I have known Christine Hallquist for over 20 years spanning her work as an organizational consultant, accomplished trainer, and CEO of Vermont Electric Coop. I can point to just a few people on one hand who have influenced my professional thinking about organizational change and leadership. Christine Hallquist is one of them.

She comes from a discipline of total quality improvement, a commitment to results and key performance measures, a focus on problem and root cause and planning analysis and a high degree of collaboration. Other candidates may tout their accomplishments, but have no clue how to think and work to resolve complex problems in multiple areas. Christine Hallquist has demonstrated this critical thinking flexibility time and again. Add to these qualities is her spiritual commitment and we have a candidate combining compassion, rational thinking and structural change.

We are in need of leaders who possess the vision and critical thinking skills that Christine has been honing for over 30 years of professional service. Please join me in supporting Christine Hallquist as our Democratic nominee for Governor.

Guy Payne

Saxtons River, Aug. 7



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