Letter: Interstate prison compact was a mistake

Editor of the Reformer:

Vermont inmate Roger Brown's recent death is on the hands of every SCI-Camp Hill employee who watched as he deteriorated rapidly over a three-week period of time and did nothing about it. He received no significant medical treatment, was returned to J-Block even after the head of medical told a Vermont Department of Corrections' employee they would keep him for the weekend for observation. Brown had to be taken care of full-time by his cell-mate after he could no longer stand and was only moved to medical after a concerned officer had him wheeled there by his roommate the night he died, Oct. 14.

When will Vermont realize that it was a mistake to sign this interstate-compact agreement with Pennsylvania? We have virtually no job opportunities, no chance to better ourselves through classes or programs, and receive subpar medical care from a company that Vermont itself cut ties with several years ago after the death of a female inmate.

The conditions of confinement at SCI-Camp Hill are far worse than Vermont's standards, yet what does that matter when the Department of Corrections is saving so much money by warehousing us here?

The health and well-being of the 270-plus Vermont inmates at Camp Hill is in jeopardy. Isn't it time somebody in Vermont wakes up to realize it? Maybe that's the good that will come from Rogers death?

We can only hope.

Shaun C. Bryer,

Morrisville, Oct. 30


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