Letter: Invest in kids and families

Editor of the Reformer:

Congress recently reached a two-year bipartisan budget agreement, which invests significantly in programs that help kids in Vermont and across the country thrive.

While Senator Bernie Sanders did not vote for the agreement because it did not include a deal for Dreamers, he was a champion for a critical component — an historic promise to double funding for the Child Care Development Block Grant program. This will ensure approximately 230,000 more low-income American kids will receive access to high-quality child care programs.

Early learning and child care programs help give kids, especially those living in poverty, a shot at a brighter future. This is particularly important in a state like Vermont, where the rural areas have limited resources. When these children succeed in school, they are more likely to join the workforce and support our economy. That's something that benefits our entire nation and deserves our investment.

Now Congress needs to make this promise of funding a reality. Please join me in urging Congress to retain this funding in the final fiscal year 2018 budget, as well as investing in kids and families in the fiscal year 2019 budget.

Judie Jerald,

Brattleboro, Feb. 16


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