Letter: Jamaica Democrats endorse Siegel

Editor of The Reformer:

The Jamaica Democratic Committee has voted unanimously to endorse Brenda Siegel for the Democratic nomination for Governor. Her practical and progressive ideas address problems many small communities struggle with, including poverty, inadequate housing, opiate use, and education funding. Her personal story, her activist history, and her experience working with Vermont's legislative leadership have informed her platform with great ideas about building a new Vermont economy from the bottom up, giving all Vermonters a chance to thrive.

We support her plans for raising the minimum wage, investing in harm reduction first, then treatment and prevention for substance use disorders - paying for these with regulatory fees and taxes on cannabis. We also believe that fully and more equitably funding our schools, combating systemic racism and inequality, and encouraging more cooperation and connections between the arts communities and small businesses will result in increased opportunities for every Vermonter. She has promised that "Every bill that reaches my desk as governor will need to meet a high standard of Environmental Justice, Economic Justice, Racial Justice, Gender Justice and Social Justice."

Vermont needs a courageous, tireless activist with a hopeful, practical vision to solve Vermont's complex challenges. Brenda Siegel will work to lift up all voices in our beautiful state and create positive change.


The Jamaica, VT Democratic Town Committee

Rebecca Ohm, Secretary, Aug. 8


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