Letter: Learn about vaccines

Editor of the Reformer:

The Vermont Coalition for Vaccine Choice is sponsoring a showing of the film "The Pathological Optimist," about the persecution of Dr. Andrew Wakefield, on Jan. 16 at 7 p.m. at the Latchis. Tickets should be obtained ahead of time at goo.gl/MFsPcw.

Dr. Wakefield`s career in the UK was destroyed for one of 2 reasons: He suggested that something should be researched more fully. And he revealed that the National Health Service had invested in and distributed an MMR vaccine that was known to cause meningitis. Which it subsequently did in many Brits.

The history of vaccines is a messy and deceptive one, as is the history of medicine. Google has digitized scores of old medical texts and journals, and they are fascinating reading. One may learn that doctors typically showed up with "medicines" that we might now only equate with an Agatha Christie murder mystery — all manner of mercury preparations (e.g., Calomel and "blue pills"), arsenical drugs, strychnine (which caused "artificial tetanus"), "sugar of lead" and other lead preparations.

The bite of a mad dog was often treated with mercurial preparations, which, in large amounts, can cause excessive salivation, tremors, and spasms. If the patient died, how would one know if it was from something called rabies or from the doctor's treatment? Pasteur was only ever able to reliably produce "experimental rabies" when he injected his soup directly into the brains of animals. When I quizzed my new vet a couple of years ago about the rabies vaccines they use, I was horrified to learn that one supplier brags that their vaccine virus is a direct descendant of Pasteur's. When I questioned whether Pasteur was really able to reliably diagnose rabies, the vet equivocated: "Well, yeah, there's that ..."

Indeed, I believe that veterinarians are much more honest than human doctors about problematic vaccines, as well as the problems of over-vaccination, such as the frequent development of fibrosarcomas at pet vaccine injection sites.

Encephalitis is a problem that has been associated with vaccines since the very beginning. While our Vaccine Court largely steers clear of the label of autism, it has compensated for brain damage following vaccine-induced encephalopathy for its entire history.

Conte and Lyons' book "Vaccine Injuries" documents that fact as well as settlements for these injuries following flu vaccination (during the year 2013 alone): chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy, Guillain-Barr Syndrome, chemically-induced multiple sclerosis, transverse myelitis, brachial plexopathy/plexitis, brachial neuritis, significantly aggravated COPD, and ... death.

I could go on and on. This is a subject I research passionately. The idea that vaccines are harmless is a lie. I often think that those who maintain the lie are incapable of reading English, as the body of literature with regards to vaccine injury is vast.

Jacqueline Brook,

Putney, Jan. 7


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