Letter: Letter on Pelosi was misleading

Editor of the Reformer:

Mr. Jeffries' recent letter (Party at Pelosi's) ridiculing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her defiant stance against Trump's idiotic border wall deserves a fact-based response. FACT: Pelosi, together with other Democrats and Progressives, strongly supports effective and responsible border control - something that experts agree is not achieved by building a wall. Money and resources would be far better spent on appropriate technology, systems, and strategies WITHIN our borders to oversee and regulate immigration. To suggest, as the writer does, that Pelosi wants "to allow people from outside the U.S. homeland to just walk across the border and take up residence here at will" is ridiculous and seriously misleading. But Mr. Jeffries presumes to "carry that thought process a little further" (his own misinformed thought process, mind you) and concludes that Pelosi must provide free access to her own home, food, health care, and education if she really believes in allowing refuges across the border. The logic is embarrassingly sophomoric. FACT: Refugees fleeing violent or dangerous conditions in their homeland have long been LEGALLY allowed to enter the U.S. in order to seek asylum, something which the Trump administration has been ILLEGALLY preventing or restricting in its efforts to manufacture a non-existent immigration crisis along our southern border. The U.S. has historically provided protection to people fleeing from persecution and violence in their homelands. Will Trump and his nativist supporters succeed in crippling our country's humanitarianism? The world is watching.

Ken Brautigam

Westminster West, Jan. 8


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