Letter: McCarthy was a hero

Editor of the Reformer:

When I read Nancy A. Olson's Dec.2 story, "Son of Legendary Journalist to Speak About Father's Legacy," with the usual establishment version of Senator Joseph R. McCarthy and CBS legend Edward R. Murrow, I had to write.

For anyone considering what to believe, listen to both Murrow's and McCarthy's broadcasts. Then do more research. About the Wheeling, W.V., 1950 speech. Eyewitnesses to the speech have said McCarthy never mentioned the number 205. There is no record. Here is what McCarthy recalled: "I have in my hand 57 cases of individuals who would appear to be either card-carrying members, or certainly loyal, to the Communist Party, but who nevertheless are still helping to shape our foreign policy."

Because a Democrat-controlled Millard Tydings Senate investigating committee would whitewash those charges and thoroughly slander McCarthy, Tydings would soon be voted out of office. Pat McCarran, also a Democrat, taking over that committee chairmanship, went over the same charges and more. By 1954, 81 security risks were removed from the Department of State alone. With the effort of anti-communists in the Senate and the House, as well as a wishy-washy me-too Eisenhower White House, thousands of red subversives got flushed out of US government in a few years.

Roosevelt started the pro-communist nightmare, Truman tried to cover it up, McCarthy crashed the party and he had to be silenced. One of McCarthy's finest moments was a broadcast on Nov.24, 1953, taking apart the lying Truman who had once appointed, ignoring FBI protests, Soviet agent Harry Dexter White (taglines Pearl Harbor, Yalta, China gold) to the International Monetary Fund. The awesome sweep of subversion had Americans outraged. It turns out that McCarthy and, later his subcommittee, were right in their charges all along. Journalist and teacher M. Stanton Evans delivered the ultimate study in his 2009 "Blacklisted by History."

Indeed, McCarthy didn't know the half of it, which we know now thanks to the Venona decrypts of Russian cable traffic, FBI and other security investigators, Russian defectors, everyday whistleblowers, ex-American Communist Party escapees, a brief opening of the KGB archives and a re-examination of the "jackal pack" part of the media which gleefully used deceitful editing and fabrications to isolate and entomb America's Cold War conscience.

Peter B. Hrycenko,

Allentown, Penn., Dec. 5


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