Letter: Mid-teens should not have the vote

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Editor of the Reformer,

I was stumped at the (Brattleboro) Select Board meeting Tuesday night when a speaker said the best reason for allowing mid-teens to vote was because America began with the proclamation of "No taxation without representation." Since many teens work and are taxed, they should be represented as part of our heritage. I now realize that it is a bit more nuanced than what the speaker said. The colonists wanted to be represented in the English Parliament only. They were not advocating universal suffrage. The leaders of the American Revolution were fearful of mob rule, and when we became a nation, the only officials elected by the people were confined to the House of Representatives. The democratization of the Senate and the Presidency came later.

Also our dogs and cats are taxed by the locality by way of tags and taxed by the state by way of sales taxes. Should our dogs and cats be allowed to vote too? As an aside, I, for one, would feel more comfortable with my dogs voting than mid-teens.

Finally, teenagers are not interested in democracy. They are socialists, the killingest idea in man's history, and they are not interested in alternatives and choices. They have been able to establish speech codes on many campuses that forbid any talk outside of socialist parameters. At the University of Michigan, students protested pro-Trump posters on campus by forming a mob and absurdly crying, "I hurt! I hurt!" They chase Republicans off campuses, and vilify, injure, and have fired professors who believe in freedom of speech.

This is the mob that our Founding Fathers presciently saw three hundred years ago. They were right: Mid-teens should not have the vote.

Peter Nickerson

Brattleboro, Oct. 6



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