Letter: Migrants are fleeing crime, not climate

Editor of the Reformer,

Regarding the letter to the editor, "Migrant Caravan and Climate Change" ( December 4, 2018):

If I claimed global warming is the major cause of gun violence in this country and that therefore the best way to end the epidemic of mass shootings in America is to focus on global warming, I would expect that most readers would differ and instead look to the proliferation of assault weapons and the need for gun control. So what is the difference regarding gun violence in Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico? All are countries that have been flooded with weapons coming from the United States.

Weapons manufactured and sold in the United States are killing people north and south of the border. Gun violence in the United States and the gun violence in Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and Mexico are inextricably linked to the refugee crisis.

While global warming will continue to have profound effects on all aspects of life on the planet, we must not ignore the compelling history of injustice, crime and violence that is actually driving them north. They are fleeing mayhem and murder tied to the drug trade and the exploitation of natural resources.

Stephen Minkin

Brattleboro, Dec. 6


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