Letter: Muller just might find a witch

Editor of the Reformer:

Can we all agree Valmir Putin is a devil?

If yes continue; if not the following is irrelevant.

Turning on the radio at 6:53 a.m., Market Place says the unemployment rate is the lowest in 16 years and the stock market the highest in history. My undergraduate degree in economics tells me this is all smoke and mirrors. I know too many people unable to find a job; and nothing supporting the market surge. The news follows with Special Prosecutor Muller convening a grand jury and the President at a rally in West Virginia saying the Russia investigation is a witch-hunt.

Webster's Seventh New Collegiate Dictionary:

Witch-hunt: a searching out and prosecution of persons accused of witchcraft

Witch: one supposed to possess supernatural powers esp. by compact with the devil or familiar.

In the campaign the President had on numerous occasions saying his extraordinary powers as a business man (forgetting his 5fivebankruptcies) would be the best thing for the economy. Yesterday's tweet included his bragging about the market being over 22,000; today I am sure we'll hear about the unemployment rate.

The Synonym Finder (1961):

Supernatural, adj. Beyond the powers of nature...extraordinary...

I have to agree with the President: Mr. Muller is on a witch-hunt.

By definition, he may find one.

Dean Lynch

Westminster West, Aug. 3


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