Letter: Murdering journalism

Editor of the Reformer:

The Washington Post begins with facts and figures regarding casualties in Syria, no doubt gathered by intrepid reporters working out of the Post's field office in Damascus.

It seems likely that many parties are getting away with murder in Syria including Russia and the US. One major difference is that Russia is an ally of the sovereign Syrian government, invited in. The U.S. is not. The U.S. presence in Syria is illegal.

General Wesley Clark disclosed that even before 9/11, the U.S. had plans to topple the governments of seven mid-east countries, including Syria. If true, and to the extent that you can judge by the results it is. Then it is unlikely that the U.S. military is in Syria out of an abundance of concern for Syrians or "beautiful babies." It is much more likely that the U.S. and its allies are there to topple the Assad regime since Assad refused to allow the construction of gas pipelines through Syria from Qatar and Iran intended to undercut Russia who currently supplies most of Europe with gas.

The Post article accuses Russia of spurning UN Security Council resolutions. Has the UNSC approved U.S. military intervention in Syria? Was there a vote to allow Donald Trump to fire 59 Cruise missiles into Syria, an act of war? Did Congress vote on it?

Do your readers know that the Washington Post, that paragon of journalistic excellence, also has a contract worth $600 million with the CIA to provide?.

Speaking of getting away with murder, it appears that someone got away with the murder of Seth Rich right in the Post's back yard. It would be nice to see the Post hound dog that story. Or perhaps the WaPo is satisfied in just getting away with the murder of journalism.

D.P. Joseph,

Brattleboro, March 2


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