Letter: No more money for parties and game nights


Editor of the Reformer:

An open letter to Brattleboro Town Meeting Representatives. I am writing this as a plea to not fund the $98,030 to the Brattleboro Development and Credit Corporation and Southeast Vermont Economic Development Strategies.

As a Brattleboro resident, home owner, business owner, tax payer, and young entrepreneur I am deeply concerned about this money making its way to the BDCC/SeVEDS. I strongly believe Brattleboro has a ton of potential and the BDCC has a great opportunity to meet the current needs of this community. Sadly, due to the current leadership, they are not helping in the ways this community deserves and are asking.

From what I can tell the majority of this money goes to planing parties and game nights. I feel this is not a good use of our money. When you look at similar agencies in Keene, N.H., and Northampton, Mass., you can see true meaning behind those agencies missions and real efforts to improving the local economy.

This should be an exciting time for Brattleboro, not a misleading nor wasteful time. Right now is not a good time to throw away the little money we may have. Especially when we are very confused to the appropriation of money from the Windham County Economic Development Program and other past failed projects.

If anything, please consider giving the money to something tangible like Groundworks Collaborative, Youth Services, Women's Freedom Center, or The Root Social Justice Center. These are a few of the much harder working agencies the town should consider granting money. We as a community need to know our hard earned money is going to deserving and honest agencies.

Thank you for listening and considering,

Josh Steele,

Brattleboro, March 5



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