Letter: NorthStar plan has support


Editor of the Reformer:

The strong turnout of Vermont Yankee and NorthStar supporters at the Vermont Public Utility Commission public meeting in Brattleboro was a phenomenal milestone in the thorough, transparent examination of the proposed sale ("Supporters dominate meeting on sale of Vermont Yankee," April 13). As supporters from the community and across the state presented testimonial after testimonial, they expressed their belief that NorthStar has what it takes to decommission and redevelop the Vermont Yankee site safely and promptly.

Following Vermont Yankee's closure in 2014, Vernon lost hundreds of jobs and valuable economic revenue, making it difficult to maintain the vibrant community Yankee helped to support. Now, the community has the opportunity for site decommissioning and redevelopment decades ahead of the original schedule to bring this lost industry back to the region.

I'm confident that strong community and in-state support will lead to the successful approval of NorthStar's plan, paving the way for a financially secure future for Vernon and Vermont.

Brad Ferland, President,

Vermont Energy Partnership,

St. Albans, April 23



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