Letter: Not just a bus stop, anymore


Editor of the Reformer,

There exists an issue in Brattleboro with vagrancy. I noticed this especially with the Canal Street bus stop. No one dares wait for a bus there anymore. It has been taken over by individuals drinking, dealing drugs and sleeping on the bench or under it. If this continues, then the city should just vote to tear it down. People are wandering on the top of the hill with beer cans in hand. It makes me wonder when someone in an altered state will get hit by a car coming up or down the hill. I do have some sympathy for the homeless up to a point but would love to see the bus stop transform back to a bus stop. The only other alternative would be to erect a sign saying "Drunk and Drug Stop." You have people hanging out there at night yelling, and pounding against the sides of it. Sadly, it is a problem that has spread all over the city including the transportation center. If there is a solution to clean up Brattleboro, please enlighten me.     


Michael Carignan

Brattleboro, June 15



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