Letter: NRA, like all the other sharks

Editor of the Reformer:

When I was 6 years old, my father, a decorated volunteer combat Veteran of World War One, World War Two and a maple solid republican of New England Ancestry, took his family to the Los Angeles Police Department and had all of us fingerprinted and all of our firearms registered.

Following this, he enrolled his sons in the firearms and hunter safety course run by a local shooing club. Our guns were locked down and the ammunition was separated from the guns. Other rules were if you won't eat it, don't shoot it and if you shoot it only take the prey cleanly with one shot.

He felt military-style hardware had no place in civilian life because "Arms made to kill people do not belong in the public's untrained hands because that can lead to tragic consequences." He was a prescient man.

Originally an NRA member, he cut ties when they "became like the other sharks that have invaded the house of politics." Dad believed in the right to bear arms. He did not feel that restricting those arms for the public safety would cost his Second Amendment rights.

Bob Backus

Wardsboro, March 3


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