Letter: Okemo is not America, but ...

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Editor of the Reformer,

Friday my ski guru couldn't make it. Getting ready, the only guy in the locker room downstairs asks me what a daily ticket cost.

On my season pass I get 10 buddy passes which are $35 cheaper than a regular daily ticket. Used only one when my daughter came, and the cheaper Wednesday special at Sunapee skiing the next day.

Asked the guy if he wanted to save a few bucks. "Sure." Took him upstairs and we had to wait on a long line. As we talked I found out he was a Vietnam vet and then discovered a Trump supporter when he said "Bernie wants to take our money ... damn socialist."

Instead of abandoning him, I said, "It is 'We The People' not 'Me The People,' as I recall."

He looked at me funny.


"The problem is we're all in the same boat and it's sinking while middle class 'We' bail while the rich 'Me' count their money."

"Can't disagree things are falling apart but socialism isn't the answer."

"You're retired? Social Security? Medicare?"

"Sure ... that's not socialism."

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"It's not?"

"Paid in for years ..." he retorted "... just getting back what's mine."

"What about fixed SS disability and widow benefits: socialism?"

Before he can respond we're at the counter. Hand over my pass, saying my friend needs a buddy pass. They asked him a few questions and he pays. When he's handed the pass I heard his name for the first time and we start back downstairs.

"Thanks. What you said about disabled and widows, that's not socialism."

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"Eddie, somebody else paid that money."

"Yeah but... that's the right thing to do, they need it to have a decent life."

"Agreed. So paying for all Americans to have a decent life is something you're good with?"

"Of course I fought for this country ... lost friends."

"Eddie, think of money like a season pass, think of buddy passes as money I don't need, so ..."

"What's that got to do with anything? You want me to pay you something?"

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"No, Eddie. If I have more than I need why shouldn't I share so someone can have it better? That's the way I look at taxes, does that make me a socialist?"

"Your point?"

"As I said, it is 'We' not 'Me'...."

Just getting back to the locker room.

"... thanks for your service. Let's go skiing."

"Thanks. What's your name?"

"Bernie, to you."

Make America good again 2020.

Vote love not hate.

Dean Lynch

Westminster West, March 9


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