Letter: Open letter to legislators


Editor of the Reformer,

Hello, all legislators,

Our state Constitution affirms in the first paragraph our right to a safe environment, and the responsibility of the legislature to provide and protect it. On the other hand, federal military/naval research has repeatedly - since the 1970s - found radiation to be harmful to life on planet earth.

Despite this clear and dramatic warning about radiation from naval intelligence, corporate industry has been allowed to continually add more and more toxic radiation to our environment, increasing health disease and difficulty. The current push for 5G technology and infrastructure for phones and "internet of things" is the most recent assault against human beings health and safety. And I object!

On behalf of all Vermonters, I object and suggest the current permissive, dismissive attitude and atmosphere of nonchalance about the damaging effects of radioactivity halt immediately.

5G technology and radiation poses an extreme threat to our health and safety. I want no further permission for, and no further installation of, radiating (intrusive) technology or infrastructure in Vermont for at least one full year while legislators thoroughly research the probable (negative) effects and impacts of these on our friends and neighbors, on all citizens and visitors to Vermont.

It may have already happened to you or those you love: Perhaps you, your family, or friends already experience symptoms of emf or radiation hypersensitivity syndrome which doctors find difficult to diagnose (other than cancer, tumors, DNA damage and DNA repair disorder), such as:

- Neuropsychiatric effects, as well as other psychological effects, neurological and sleep disturbances, including insomnia

- Brain fog, difficult cognitive processing, depression and depressive syndrome, headaches, anxiety, etc

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- Gastrointestinal disturbances

- Flu like symptoms, achy joints and various body parts

- Red blood cells unable to replicate, or alternatively, "bunching", which disables their ability to carry oxygen

And more.

An old adage reminds us: "The frog does not dirty the pond in which it dwells."

Please, let us desist the dirtying of our pond, our living environment. Put a stop to runaway carelessness. Let us be more conscientious about our decisions and the future we now create by our current decision-making.


Lynn Russell

Brattleboro, March 5


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