Letter: Open up and let the business (and the virus) back in

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Editor of the Reformer,

I would like to encourage an economic strategy to all of the businesses in Brattleboro. Discuss and agree upon a date (perhaps June 1) and just collectively re-open. Do it in solidarity. Who can stop you? COVID-19 is a type of flu, nothing else, with a very low mortality rate. If you decide to, implement social distancing, in terms of seating, and have your staff wear masks. None of that is needed, though, really. Would you do the same for seasonal influenza or the common cold? We're not talking about bubonic plague here. I'm sure the 4th Amendment protects you. And the DOJ has your back. Think of it this way: if a pack of determined, committed rams forms a protective circle, no wolves are a danger. You've been conned long enough. Just re-start and begin again to enjoy your livelihood. But do it in concert: you cannot be defeated.

John Shannon

Brattleboro, May 13



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