Letter: Our fragile country could use some civility


Editor of the Reformer:

On Nov. 7, my husband and I went to vote here in Brattleboro; we take our right to vote very seriously. On our way out of the building we were approached by a man who asked if my husband wrote for the newspaper. When he replied that he does, this man walked right up and got inches from my husbands face and called him "a piece of [expletive]" for his articles regarding our current administration. He then accused my husband of not supporting the military and not respecting our veterans. That, of course, could not be further from the truth. In fact, my husband runs races and raises a lot of money for wounded warriors.

But more importantly, I am very concerned about the lack of civility in our country today. When did it become OK to scream, and I mean scream, obscenities at total stranger in a public setting? Have we stooped so low that we cannot have a "normal" conversation without letting language fly that our parents would have washed our mouths out with soap had we ever considered uttering such words?

There is no doubt that we are a nation divided by our politics, brought on by people that stir the pot and sit back and watch while the masses kill each other over their differences and spew hatred at one another on a daily basis. It is disgraceful, embarrassing and frankly terrifying to know that we are a country that has lost its civility toward one another. We need to return to a level of civility that allows us to voice our opinions without fear of retribution or of bodily harm. Today I was awakened to how fragile we are as a country right now, and even here in our beautiful vibrant Brattleboro that a moment of exercising our right to vote can turn ugly and threatening. I pray for peace.

Vickie Case,

Brattleboro, Nov. 7


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