Letter: Our future depends on this vote

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Editor of the Reformer,

Now we are four weeks out from the Nov. 6 election date with yet again more public evidence of the criminal-mind-mafia-mob-boss-type-personality (and congressional club) we have leading the country using lies, cheating, threats, and various forms of manipulation to dismantle the previously established governing systems of our country. Sorry for the run-on sentence; trying not to say "we are screwed" and yet still set the stage for people of our community to hear and understand my plea: "Please vote!"

With women-hating misogynists governing and passing laws as well as sitting on the Supreme Court, all women are in danger and our country as a whole is in jeopardy. Some folks think we are headed for a fascist regime. I believe differently, however: I believe the American people, as a whole, a unified country, is rising up to face the bully and take back our power, the Power of The People at the Ballot Box. I believe the American people do choose integrity rather than bullying and war; I believe Americans choose change. Please vote between now and Nov. 6, and we shall see what Americans want. Early voting is quick and easy at the Town Clerk's office. Please consider taking friends and family with you or neighbors who don't usually vote. Make it a party!

Note: Of the 2016 Democratic primary voters for Bernie Sanders, 20 percent decided NOT to vote for the Democratic presidential candidate in the November election. Those votes count! Let us be as wise as possible, careful and diligent about the probable consequences of our votes. Our future clearly depends on this election.

I am hopeful for Vermont's system of paper ballots, that our tally of votes will reflect the will of Vermonters. I have grave concerns, however, about possible cyber hacking for other states who still rely on computers; they are in the hands of the Divine Choreographer. Please, friends, take time now to go VOTE; use our precious paper ballot system, please.

For a future we will feel good about leaving the children: Thank you all!

Lynn Russell

Brattleboro, Oct. 8



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