Letter: Party at Pelosi's


Editor of the Reformer,

This past week Nancy Pelosi declared that establishing a wall at the US southern boarder would be "immoral." Pelosi believes that it is alright to allow people from outside the US homeland to just walk across the border and take up residence here at will. Let's carry that thought process a little further. If limiting access to the US homeland is immoral, then Pelosi must also agree that limiting free access to her home is immoral. I assume the front door is open. One can just walk in, and if there aren't any bedrooms available, one can just crash on the living room couch. While there, one is entitled to free housing, free food, free health care, and if one drags one's kids along, free education. Stay as long as you like. Party at Pelosi's!

Dan Jeffries

Brattleboro, Jan. 5



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