Letter: Please ban all the bags

Editor of the Reformer:

Dear Select Board: Recently you banned some plastic bags in Brattleboro. However, you did not ban all of them. Us kids at Academy school had to address this problem, and although you did help, we need to get rid of all the plastic bags. Brattleboro is already pretty eco friendly, but we really need to get rid of all of the plastic bags to really make a difference.

As we said in our earlier letters, plastic bags are dangerous to animals and the environment. Even though we banned some plastic bags, there are still thousands of them going into the ocean, killing animals and ruining ecosystems.The fish that eat the plastic eventually end up in our food. This is becoming a major problem not only to us humans who end up with the plastic in our food, but also to the entire ocean environment.

Many countries have already banned plastic bags such as Bangladesh and Kenya. We have to take a step forward as a town of over 10,000 and completely ban them too. Other towns and cities across the country have taken this step, such as Portland, Oregon and many cities in California. Let's join these eco-friendly towns and make a healthier world.

Also, think about when you pay your taxes. 88 of those dollars every year are being spent on plastic bags. That's almost 100 dollars of your money being spent on an environmental hazard. By getting rid of all plastic bags, everyone has to pay less.

Now, You may think that our small town of brattleboro that banning plastic won't make any difference to the world, but small towns make up countries, and countries make up nations, and nations make up the world. So have some consideration for the world and ban the bags, and this time, all the bags.     

Sophie Hamm, Dorian Paquette and Django Grace

Academy School 6th graders, Nov. 8


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