Letter: Please consider H. 129 health care bill


Editor of the Reformer,

The following letter was sent to our VT House health care committee members:

Dear Rep. Lippert and fellow Vermont House Health Care Committee members,

I was delighted to see that Brian Cina's bill has been introduced and sent to your committee for consideration. After looking over your agenda for this next week, I noted that you are discussing several other issues relating to health care reform as submitted by AHS, the GMCB and the administration but with no discussion of H. 129. I do know you have a very busy schedule and you are also interested in trying to save tax payers' money so I do hope you will take up this bill very soon.

Vermonters need and want a system of health care that treats all people fairly and provides for everyone, whether working or unemployed, young or old, able bodied or disabled in some way; emotionally, mentally or physically. People with addictions also deserve care as well as a community to live in that is supportive and healing without having to be housed in prison or a psychiatric facility.

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Please help all Vermonters by considering H. 129 as a way to change the agenda to providing more primary care providers and lowering administrative costs by not having to micromanage each and every procedure. Taxation is a much better way to pay for health care; more cost effective, easier to administer and it will be the wave of the future if we can ever start de-escalating the huge cost of health care. Vermont could become a beacon of hope for those young primary care providers who want a great quality of life while making a decent standard of living. This goes right along with Governor Scott's idea of attracting more young professionals to Vermont.

If the weather gets a little better, I may soon be back to sit in on your deliberations and look forward to your work on H. 129.

Yours sincerely,

Mary Alice Bisbee

Montpelier, Feb. 3


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