Letter: Political malpractice

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Editor of the Reformer,

A couple of recent observations vis-a-vis the Republicans and the virus.

Has anyone else noticed that at virtually the same instant it was announced that people of color were much more likely to die of the infection, Republican governors and legislators said that it was time to relax the separation rules. Coincidence?

Mitch McConnell berated Obama for his criticism of Trump but remained mute when the Moron-in-Chief accused Obama of a massive as yet unidentified crime.

And then there is Dr. Rand Paul. This SOB went around spreading the virus and could very well be responsible for deaths due to his careless, ignorant, and arrogant behavior. And to top it all off, at the recent Senate hearings he did not wear a mask. His explanation was that since he already had the illness, he is immune and doesn't have to worry about catching it.

Now, this is a guy who is an eye surgeon. If he puts on a mask when he enters the operating room to protect himself from the patient, he should never have been allowed in an operating room and maybe shouldn't have been allowed to graduate from medical school.


Bob Fagelson

Brattleboro, May 14



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