Letter: Republican actions don't match the words

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Editor of the Reformer,

Deb Billado's op-ed column "Republican values unite us" (Oct. 30) strikes me as a perfect example of how easy it is to say high minded things and how hard it is to match those words with actions. Billado emphasizes that "personal responsibility" is a core Republican belief that unites members of that party. Personal responsibility is a wonderful value, of course. But how have Republicans in general and Billado in particular demonstrated that supposedly shared value?

Billado has been a passionate defender of President Trump, at the same time she touts personal responsibility. As has been shown over and over again, Donald J. Trump has managed to avoid personal responsibility his entire adult life. There are far too many examples of his irresponsibility for me to list them all, but they certainly include apparently endless financial support from his parents, stiffing small businesses doing work for him, dropping wives as they age, lending his name to a fraudulent university and denying any responsibility for doing it, and a stream of bankruptcies that left others holding the bag.

Trump can defensibly be described as the poster child for personal irresponsibility. National Republicans are no more troubled by Trump's lack of responsibility than Billado seems to be, although they, like Billado, purport to deeply value personal responsibility. All of which makes this statement from Billado deeply ironic: "We're seeing the Democratic Party fall apart precisely because of this lack of unified values." Really? From my perspective, we're watching the Republican Party fall apart precisely because they continue to violate what they claim to be their core values in order to defend a president who constantly acts contrary to those values.

Lee Russ

Bennington, Nov. 3



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