Letter: Route 100 needs legislative attention

Editor of the Reformer:

This is an open letter to the Vermont state senators and representatives whose constituents travel and rely on Route 100, which is in a dangerously poor condition and seriously damages vehicles that travel it.

At recent publicly warned meeting on the poor condition of Route 100, I have been led to believe that even though you have personal experience with Route 100's deficiencies, even though you have been personally contacted by people regarding Route 100's damage to their vehicles, even though you have been personally contacted by municipally elected officials on the deficiencies of Route 100, and even though you are already the legally elected representative of the people, you need further emails and additional letters reiterating what you already know and what you have already been told before immediate, meaningful and long-term repairs can be considered for Route 100.

If this is true, consider this one of those letters. If this is not true, I ask, "Why you have not already used your own initiative, elected responsibility and leadership skills to address Route 100's disrepair?"

Wayne Estey,

Brattleboro, Feb. 7


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