Letter: Safety a concern on Fairground Road

Editor of the Reformer:

When did Fairground Road become a highway or Maine Turnpike? The cars that pass by going 40 miles plus a day is constant and dangerous. I live at Red Clover Commons where seniors and disabled people live, I witness this daily. The town of Brattleboro needs to do something about controlling the speed on this road before someone gets killed. I am not sure why there is not speed bumps or something to stop such reckless behavior from drivers not giving a damn about the speed limit; Fairground Road is not a highway!!

Another problem on Fairground Road is people riding their bike and thinking we pedestrians have to move out of their way on the sidewalk, really? I thought people walking on the sidewalk have the right a way before someone on a bike. I have seen people get in big confrontations because they almost got ran over people on a bike.

One more thing about Fairground Road is the crossing of the road by Price Chopper, I have timed this and it is 3,7 seconds, really? RCC is for seniors and disabled and their is no way any of us can cross in that amount of time.

I urge the town of Brattleboro to do something about these issues, soon!

Rhonda Jepson

Brattleboro, Aug. 7


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