Letter: Seize the opportunity

As with smoking we are again presented with another opportunity.

We know the tobacco industry knew the detrimental health effects smoking had on smokers and non-smokers alike and they did nothing to address this. Greed prevailed. Yet how about the farmer who provided the tobacco and when he learned how his farm produced this toxic product decided to stop and switch to growing Brussel sprouts or the like.

The opportunity now presented to us is the future of plastic bags. It has been globally shown that plastic bags are a detriment to life on our planet. Anyone who is not aware of this has their head in the sand or some place else. As with all new discoveries plastic has its place, uses in medicine is but one example. However, there is even microscopic evidence of plastic through out our oceans.

Like the farmer, I would hope that our local merchants, rather than doing all they can to continue to use plastic bags, no matter what the size, or simply standing idling by and continuing using this detrimental product, would be in the forefront leading the way in our town and state to participate in the global move to eliminate them.

Our grandparents got stuff home from the store without them. In foreign countries people pull mesh bags out of their pockets and I am amazed at all they can hold. Or how about all the cardboard boxes that businesses now put in the recycle dumpster?

I ask the Select Board, our merchants, and all of us to seize this opportunity and lead in helping our planet.

Stewart McDermet,

Bratttleboro, Sept. 25


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