Letter: Self-serving media hypocrisy


Editor of the Reformer,

Regarding the new Vermont statehouse press pass rules and the Derek Spilman Burlington court hearing incident: Isn't it amazing how vigorously critical and outspoken Mike Donoghue and the Vermont Press Association were about the former and how quickly up in arms Vermont media members Elizabeth Murray, Tom Garris, and Dom Amato along with Justin Silverman of the New England First Amendment Coalition and Jay Diaz of the Vermont ACLU were about the latter when they felt their first amendment rights were violated? Yet during the recent 2018 Vermont general election season when democracy was dying in a systemic policy of closed candidate debates which violated the longtime Vermont tradition and prevented Vermont voters' full access to see and hear all the officially certified candidates that were running for major office in Vermont ( governor, lieutenant governor, U.S. Senate, U.S. House of Representatives ), not one of them or any other Vermont mainstream print, radio, and television media reporters and executives reported or commented on this major assault and abomination to the democratic process. When the public is witness to this kind of blatant, self-serving hypocrisy, is it any wonder the people have lost respect for 21st century mainstream media.

Ralph Corbo

East Wallingford, Feb. 3



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