Letter: Shame on Welch


Editor of the Reformer:

I am speechless as I read your top-of-the-fold, front-page article about how Peter Welch is "tackling opioids" ("Welch meets team tackling opioids," Feb. 21).

The narrative is compelling and the ideas about community solutions strikes me as right on. Then the story ends with Welch saying his job is to "try to get some more resources here." What does that mean? Does he mean more money on top of the $200,000 Welch received from the pharmaceutical lobby in the 2015/16 cycle? Does that mean $150 million he says we absolutely need for just one F-35? I love Welch's wide-eyed line, "It is fun to be around people who are doing something useful." Cracker, please.

Welch co-sponsored a 2016 bill to curtail the use of "immediate suspension orders." According to the Washington Post, Welch's law, "Makes it virtually impossible for the DEA to freeze suspicious narcotic shipments from the companies." What about the lawsuits in Ohio, Illinois, Mississippi, New York, California and Rhode Island over the pharmaceutical industries false, deceptive and unfair marketing and/or unlawful diversion of prescription drugs. So what, Welsh is going beg the republicans for a little more money? This is a story of corruption in league with the pre-lawsuit tobacco industry, and all Welch can do is have "fun" with the people who actually care.

Shame on Peter Welch for hiding behind the good people working their hearts out in our community, when the record shows that Welch is on the payroll of the very companies making billions a year in profit. Peter Welsh and the corporate Democrats are paid to pretend there is nothing more we can do, when now is the time to hold Purdue and the rest accountable for what they have done.

This is why I, Ben Mitchell, will be entering Peter Welch's Aug. 14 primary as a Democratic Socialist. Shame on Peter for playing dumb, and shame on the Reformer for giving him such a free pass.

Ben Mitchell,

Westminster, Feb. 21


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