Letter: Show honor and respect

Editor of the Reformer:

Howdy Hi, people:

We're coming up again to that time of the year.

North winds are blowing, snow is on the way, and the holidays are near.

But before you get all caught up in that, please try to remember -

The other holiday - the 11th of November.

Veteran's day-a day of honor, a day of respect.

For those that do, and those that did, without regret.

For the men and women that give, and those that gave.

The ones still active, the disabled, and those in the grave.

If by chance you don't even know of one,

You should still show honor and respect for what they have done.

It shouldn't be just us Vets that remember

The defenders of our Country on this 11th of November.

Again - before you get going with your thanks, good will and holiday cheer,

Please reflect on November 11th for those that's gone and those still here.


Marty "Z" Szulanczyk, USMC 1969-1971

Whitingham, Nov. 5


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