Letter: Sidewalks needed now

Editor of the Reformer:

On Oct. 4, a woman was hit by a truck while she was walking across Putney Road between Hannaford and the True Value hardware store. She was taken to Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in Lebanon, N.H. There is no crosswalk at this intersection. It is frequently used by pedestrians. On a per-capita basis, Brattleboro has the nation's highest pedestrian-death-by-vehicle rate, according to www.LocalMotion.org.

Please contact our state senators Jeanette White, jwhite@leg.state.vt.us, and Becca Balint, bbalint@leg.state.vt.us, and ask them to have the state install a crosswalk and "walk" signal at this and all the intersections on Putney Road in Brattleboro. A continuous sidewalk must be installed on the entire length of Putney Road.

More information on these and other life-saving changes is available from Local Motion. Please also contact your state representatives. The state has been promising these changes for at least a decade. They need to happen now.

Eesha Williams,

Dummerston, Oct. 5


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