Letter: Speaking of falsehoods

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Editor of the Reformer,

In a recent letter to the editor (Stop listening to false prophets of 'green-ness', May 13), Anna Pilette states: "And all this scallywaggery for "renewables" that are, in fact, neither green nor renewable."

"Green" in the energy sense, means that operations do not create polluting by-products, thus protecting the environment.

"Renewable" means that these installations do not require regular infusions of things like fuels that must be replaced in order to continue operating.

Solar panels and wind turbines emit zero pollutants, and they don't require fuels to operate. (Sun and wind are not fuels). Thus, they are both green and renewable.

She also praises Michael Moore's film "Planet of the Humans." This film is very biased and deceptive (not to mention inaccurate).

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For example, it repeatedly describes the resources used up to build wind or solar installations, but totally ignores the resources needed for fossil fuel facilities. It's as if these plants spring up mysteriously out of the earth like dandelions in my lawn.

Wood burning plants like McNeil in Burlington are neither green nor renewable. Nuclear plants like the one festering just south of Brattleboro aren't either.

Green Mountain Power is the largest electricity distributor in Vermont, serving over 70 percent of the market and nearly 265,000 customers.

The bulk of their power is purchased from Hydro Quebec which operates hydro-generation and pumped storage facilities throughout the province.

Hydro power is generally considered to be green and renewable.

Tom Finnell

Brattleboro, May 17


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