Letter: Stick to the facts on Israel

Editor of the Reformer:

I agree with Mr. (Martin) Cohn: let's stand with facts rather than propaganda (Know the facts about Israel and Palestine, May 5).

Fact: The British Government could not "give the land of Israel to the Jewish people," as there was no "land of Israel": it was called Palestine.

Fact: It was not Britain's to give away: Britain was a colonizer of this land. You cannot give away what is not yours.

Fact: The State of Israel was not "established ...by the UN and with legal approval by the British." It was declared unilaterally by the Jewish colonizers who were fighting both the British and the Palestinian Arabs. Have we forgotten the terror bombing of the King David Hotel against the British in 1946, the Deir Yassin massacre of Palestinian Arab villagers in 1948? These are well-known historical facts.

Those responsible for those acts were the Irgun, which was the predecessor to today's Likud Party and gave us pm Menachem Begin, and the Stern Gang (Lehi), which offered to support the Nazis in WWII against the British, and gave us pm Yitzak Shamir. Both terrorist groups (listed as such by the UN, Britain, and the US) became part of the Israeli army in 1948.

Fact: the Deir Yassin massacre accelerated the exodus of Palestinians: they did not "(leave) voluntarily," but because of Jewish terror. "Without Deir Yassin the State of Israel could never have been established." — memoir of Lehi leader Israel Eldad.

Fact: according to the UN, it IS an "occupation."

Fact: according to the UN, refugees DO have a right to return. It is a universally accepted human right.

Rather than go on, I suggest readers to do some research, maybe starting with Jewish Voice for Peace.

Bert Picard

South Newfane, May 5


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