Letter: Support for Balint, White

Editor of the Reformer,

I support our current Windham County State Senators, Becca Balint and Jeannette White. Both staunchly supported Act 46, school unification, from its initial passage and I believe will continue their support regardless of the irrational detractors. They have recently had the courage to stop gun violence by passing legislation that restricts gun ownership and keeps guns out of the hands of mental patients and children. They have championed efforts to support gay and lesbian citizens by mandating same sex bathrooms in all public places and making it illegal to sexually assault women in the capital.

I am confident that Senator Balint will become an excellent Representative or Senator to the U.S. Congress in Washington when she believes the time is right for Vermont's voice to heard there. As a former teacher, she knows it is high time bloated school spending be brought under control for the benefit of the children.

Senator White has worked tirelessly for 14 years ensuring every bill she supports or opposes represents Democratic positions. She is loyal and reliable. She demonstrates her skills as a politician by getting both NRA and gun control advocate endorsements at the same time. She's not afraid to tell opponents when they are stupid. I admire her honesty.

I encourage you to vote for these very exceptional candidates.

Donald Sargent

Brattleboro, Aug. 7


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