Letter: Support Zupan for U.S. Senate

Editor of the Reformer:

August 14 is Primary Day in Vermont and we are fortunate to have a candidate for U.S. Senate — Lawrence Zupan — worthy of serious consideration if not our votes. A group of us heard him address a forum in Manchester where he gave a brief stump speech and then addressed a variety of tough questions. (Note to other candidates and forum leaders: the public is much better served if the questions are not preselected or scripted.) Here are a few of my takeaways: Lawrence is especially well versed on the issues of the day and how to put them in historical context; Lawrence supports social programs that serve as effective safety nets; Lawrence is alarmed — rightly so — about our $21 trillion deficit; Lawrence is a voice of reason and conviction, he listens carefully and is honest about the complexity of the problems our country faces; and Lawrence is a formidable debater, a debater of the issues. Should he win the primary on August 14, we will be treated to what promises to be be a highly informative — and entertaining — discussion of the future of our state and country. I implore my fellow Vermonters to listen and carefully consider his message and to avoid the sensational speculation and invective that too often creeps into our political discourse.


Pete Mull

Manchester, Aug. 8


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