Letter: Supporting Schoales for School Board


Editor of the Reformer,

On May 21, there will be voting in the towns of Brattleboro, Putney, Dummerston and Guilford for the interim school board of the the merged Windham Southeast Supervisory School district. Unless the Courts rule against this forced merger, this interim board will set the tone and create the management structure (e.g., how many representatives from each town for the new merged district). Thus, this will be a very important board with significant responsibilities to fulfill in a very short time period. People in all towns will vote for all of the candidates, not just for people from their own town.

I support David Schoales because he has 10 years of experience on the Brattleboro School Board and six years of experience on the Brattleboro Select Board. His extensive knowledge of the many special needs of Brattleboro's elementary population will make him a strong advocate for creating policies that recognize the special needs of Brattleboro's children. He also served on the Alternative Governance Structure Committee and developed good working relationships with school board members from the other towns and thus is aware of the needs for equity in other towns. I believe that he will collaborate with them to promote an administrative structure and policies that will benefit all our children.

Absentee voting is happening in all towns now so you don't need to wait until May 21.

Judy Davidson

Brattleboro, May 13



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