Letter: Take the 'B' out of LGBTQ

Take the 'B' out of LGBTQ

Editor of the Reformer:

In the early days of gay pride, it was exclusively gay pride. Bisexuals and Transvestites were largely considered second-class, outer rim sexual orientations. The intense militancy employed by the gay and lesbian groups to secure rights for themselves was not readily shared with the other orientations. Indeed, too often bisexuals were derided by gay people as merely confused, or worse, some would say, "Oh, you're just a faggot like me." The intolerance towards bisexuals by too many gay people persisted until well into the '90s. It was one bisexual woman who began the campaign to get the gays and lesbians to accept bisexual people into their otherwise exclusive group. Bisexuals were not given due process to decide for themselves where their true place and acceptance in the cultural orientation belonged. Hence, was born the LGBT. Today we have the LGBTQ.

Bisexually, by any name, is a distinct concept acquired both innately and/or by peer review and cultural influence. Innately, it is likely that all humans are inherently bisexual. It's the subsequent bearing upon us by all the religious-sociological foibles of human cultures that have wrongheadedly delineated the genders and sexual orientations into the forevermore divided and bitter divisions we still suffer from today.

When gay people subsumed bisexuals into their overarching and overreaching acronym, with the help of a single bisexual, the vast majority of bisexuals were melded into one of the most divisive battle-lines of human eternal warfare. The divisive nature between them is akin, in fact, to the divisiveness rampant among religions and too many belief-dependent peoples.

Bisexually, its people, their culture, its very reasons for their existence is polluted and lost in the indefensible perpetuation of the LGBTQ, that so-called collective, which is forever locked into a barricade no man's land between the straights and the gays. Trapped in the midst of their struggles, bisexuals can never show the world the way to true love of humanity. Any human who is equally capable of emotionally and physically bonding and loving one another without regard to the dogma that separates opposite sex from same sex can best show the way to the true meaningful peaceful coexistence that has been and is now lacking on this earth.

I say again and again. Take the "B" out of the LGBTQ, take it out now. Bisexual people should never have been caught up in the struggle between the straights and gays. They have been and are their own class of people. They have the right to secure for themselves full parity as a separate but equal orientation.

Vidda Crochetta

Brattleboro, June 12


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